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December: In our shop, be on the lookout for "Airplane Boys" as they are the newest image in our collection.

Our Mission – Why we Exist

Our mission is to produce creative and inspiring designs using themed photography from our talented dog actors while making a significant contribution to the well being of troubled, abused, or abandoned dogs. Every purchase from Kangafi Company directly aids in helping abandoned animals find a loving home through our contributions to animal rescue and protective groups.

Our Vision Statement – KangaFi Company

Kangafi Company strives to be a respected and distinguished force in improving the lives of abandoned animals while effectively providing high quality, dog themed apparel for men, women, and children.

Identify as K-9's – KangaFi Company

Our company is about love and respect for our animals. We ensure that our photography is created in a fun and entertaining way while respecting the actors identity as a K-9s.

Meet The KangaFi Company Stars

Fido Lover Boy: CEO and Director of Formal Affairs

Fido and a litter of puppies were about to be homeless. I should have just said I'll take them all. Not sure if I could afford all of them I picked Fido, came home and made a call to take the remaining puppies. Blondie, his sister, still needed a home. As it turned out, Fido would not have been a happy boy without Blondie,.

Blondie Kanga: Co-Founder

Blondie Kanga is known for her ears and personality. I had just gone through the puppy Fido anguish of ear trimming. I thought I was too cheap and too tired to do it again. But really it may have been that her ears were too cute. As a comparison to children, one will never think of what to do as well as two. And they certainly did. Open the door and run to the gravel bar/beach, and through the woods to the next gravel bar. Such a place where we live. And in winter run through the woods and the meadow in the snow. Such athletes. Blondie did not like to swim. Once she bolted up a cliff like a lioness because she did not like getting wet. But they certainly enjoyed wading in the river at sun rise or sunset, while I swam. And what a girly girl, with one ear standing naturally up and the other across her Blond self. And what a girly girl when she got a fish hook.

Cessna: Costume and Set Designer

A beautiful Great Dane with ears (not as Blond as Blondie Kanga) co-starred several times with Blondie, and made her debut as leading Actress in her Motorcycle film. I was having a touch and go situation with a counter part who complained about too many dogs while he kept buying more airplanes. I was iffy about Cessna, but a complaining phone call from someone regarding the number of household animals forced me to turn around and get this puppy. You should have seen the look on Blondie’s face laying on the sofa with Fido, addressing the new household member with taped ears rolling on the carpet with HER squeaky toy. They became friends.

Tarzan Dog Boy: Ground Control and Props Management

A lost Rottweiler, very thin, with a coat of fleas, wandered into our lives, dragging a thin rope he had apparently chewed apart to free himself. The animal protection agency stated they would put him to sleep if they suspected mange. After getting back in my truck and $180 later at the vet, it was established he did not have mange. He had noticeably been abused and starved and needed some Alpha training when being offered food and had his own living quarters until he felt better. He soon felt MUCH better and was given the name Tarzan Dog Boy. Upon being named he seemed to recall obedience training. He was a little nervous in the boat with Blondie Kanga, but relied on her good judgment and capable sailing. He became a self assured Actor.

Splash: Coordinator of special and water events

Tarzan Dog Boy's very best friend, Splash, a black lab, was also rescued, and thankfully so. The building he lived in caught fire a few weeks after his rescue. Splash was a tenacious puppy who would not sleep anywhere on his night of arrival except in my bed with the other dogs. He slept in a little basket on top of my head, and still sleeps with his head on a pillow next to me.

We were all rescued or adopted and found our forever home, and became incredible Actors

What is KangaFi Company about?

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